What is OVO

OVO platform is designed to make your projects accessible from anywhere in the world with the fastest speed ever.
This is not a classic web hosting, is the next step on the way to a better web.
Create and post your projects and be sure your users will see them anytime, anywhere.

Get more

  • Static Web Hosting

    1Gb free space
    FTP access
    Domain connect
    No limit projects

  • Database backend (BaaS)

    Database managment system
    Customizable API
    OVO Framework with template engine
    Real IPv6

  • File Space

    File hosting
    Caching and CDN
    Unlimited file size
    Remote manage using API

  • Authorization service

    User control
    Autorization using API
    Customazible login/signup form

  • Mail service

    Message sending
    Customazible HTML mail

  • Domain name

    Connect any domain/subdomain
    Many domain to one project
    Use SSL certificate

Why OVO platform

Your Web projects are always safe, close and ready for development.
And your users always have the fastest access to projects

  • Fast load time
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited projects
  • Secure your data
  • API open
  • Free forever
  • Cloud access from anywhere
  • Share to any developers
  • Git team work
  • Powerfull without limits

A few examples of the API

Write your data

ID Name E-mail Detail Active
1 Alex alex@ovo.ua Web developer true
2 Mike mike@ovo.ua Art director true
3 Jack jack@ovo.ua Manager false

Build your API. Get it in any format, as example JSON

demo.json contents
    {% sql|select name, email, detail from demo_data where active=true %}
            "name": "{% sql_name %}",
            "email": "{% sql_email %}",
            "detail": "{% sql_detail %}"
    {% /sql %}
demo.json output
        "name": "Alex",
        "email": "alex@ovo.ua",
        "detail": "Web developer"
        "name": "Mike",
        "email": "mike@ovo.ua",
        "detail": "Art director"

Access to the api on custom URL

This file (demo.json) can be accessed via any link, as example www.your-domain.com/api/getdemo.
You can create your own project routing.

You can use OVO for creating

Web build

Website, Personal web page, Landing Page, Blog, etc

Mobile Apps

Mobile App backend, Users authorization, file storage, etc


DataBase, Things authentication, etc


Playground for test, First web app, etc

Get 1Gb free forever

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